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August 19, 2010

How to Change Flash Drive Icon

Customize removable drive icon without any software.

  1. Open any photo editing software like Photoshop or MS Paint or anyone you have.
  2. Create a bitmap image file of size 64x64 (or if you have a icon so don't Create)
  3. Design it according to you.
  4. Save it to your Drive with any file name. But change the extension to *.ico (e.g.  "my_icon.ico")

August 7, 2010

Set A Splash Screen At Windows Startup

Here I will talk about how to set a splash screen at windows startup.
It will appear after windows boot screen and before windows logon screen.
And this splash screen can be any image.
First of all you have to do this:
1. Create a folder in your C drive (If C drive Does not exist, create anywhere) and Rename it to "Logo"
2. Create an image file with Bitmap format (.BMP)
3. You can do this in paint, open image file in Paint, and Save As Bitmap file (24 bit).
4. Rename it to Logo and copy, then Paste to Logo folder.

April 17, 2010

Execute Java Class file

This is for all Java Programmers,
This is a batch file that will make all java Class files Executable.
Just install the program, and double click any of java class file (.class file), It will automatically execute and shows output on Command Prompt.
No need to opening CMD, Changing path, and typing the file name with java command.
try it once!

Download Here ExecuteClass.exe
File-Size: 55 KB

Drive Check Program

It is a batch file. That will make you able to see all hidden, system files and folders of any drive.
Without opening the drive.
In case your Windows system is infected with virus and you can not see hidden files then using this you can see all files. Also you can delete files and folders.
You can also check your flash drive without opening it.

Download DriveCheckSetup.exe
File-Size: 306.32 KB

Love Check Program

Check your love percentage by this Love calculator program.
And see predication message about your future based on random calculation.
That program is implemented in C using 16-bit Compiler. (not compatible with later than Windows XP else you should know how to run 16 bit program on later version of Windows )

Download  LoveCheck.exe
Size: 112 KB

January 29, 2010

Remove Viruses From Removable Drive

How to remove viruses from removable drive:
Mostly viruses come with autorun file. on Windows machine to prevent PC from autorun just open the drive from address bar. Or you can see this autorun file with the
following commands:
1. Open command prompt

2. Type drive letter:
press Enter eg: F: (Which is your removable drive)