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About the Author

Hi! I'm Sumit Singh a Tech Blogger and Web Developer from India. This is first time I am writing about myself on whole page. I started blogging in 2009 just because to host some stuff on Internet, since that day it became one of my interests. I don’t write much but the things I find interesting and useful I share those with everyone. Photo of Sumit Singh
Currently I use WordPress and PHP for my web development but I also enjoy UI development. Professionally I don’t want to be an UI developer and personally I also don’t want to leave UI development, Apart from the development I also know a bit Photoshop but being frank I am not at all creative like any designer :P
Before understanding binary, my thoughts were like that World only loop around the physics but time varies and semester changed. :D Therefore, before I could understand why a moving clock ticks slowly I forced myself to get passing marks in SDLC. However, that was not so bad because I already tasted that black window on Win 98.

Somewhere I was enjoying that because I was able to play around without needing heavy and costly instruments. I don’t know which language I love more, all seems to me same to each other.
So the relation between time and my interest is in this order:

MS-DOS C Batch Files Photoshop Building Windows shell packs Java C# Blogging C++ CSS JavaScript WordPress jQuery PHP

I am not sure which one I enjoy so much and what I will do at last ;)
Let me skip this I was a backbencher. :D

Now I am feeling like I am writing a book about a star, who made history, So I keep it small. :P
Some of my profiles: