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October 5, 2019

WordPress Login - Remember Recent Usernames

It is very user-friendly if a website asks just for the password and displays the username when the user was logged-in recently. But this feature is missing in WordPress therefore, we created a plugin WP Easy Login.

WP Easy Login remembers the username or email of each user who was logged in to the site. Usernames are stored in the browser and displayed when you visit the default login page of the website using the same browser.
It stores the username in a browser cookie. The age of the cookie can be customized, the default value is one year.

January 26, 2016

Customize App's Permissions on Android Phone

For me it is most demanding feature of Android because it was already there in IOS. ;)
If you remember about Facebook Apps permission system, it was same like Android Apps permission system before version 6.0. Nevertheless, later Facebook changed it by providing checkboxes, when user granting permission. Now something similar Android has done where an App asks for permission after its installation, when it is accessing some hardware or service.

Android introduced it in version 6.0 named as Marshmallow before that users were using some kind of hacks and apps where they can customize permission in rooted phone. However, that was not good because apps could not handle permission issues prior to this version.

September 19, 2015

Custom JavaScript Alert Box with modernAlert.js

modernAlert.js In JavaScript, there are three native popup boxes: Alert, Confirm and Prompt. I personally like to use them because these functions cannot be replaced by custom coding. Yes, I am right, you cannot hold the execution of JavaScript like these functions do. However, sometimes we have to tweak somewhere when it is about the design.
These popup boxes look different in every web browser along with their ugly appearance.

As I mentioned already that we cannot achieve exact duplicate of these functions but we can have something similar to it.

I wrote a pure JavaScript function, which can replace these native functions. And we can customize the appearance as well.