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January 29, 2010

Remove Viruses From Removable Drive

How to remove viruses from removable drive:
Mostly viruses come with autorun file. on Windows machine to prevent PC from autorun just open the drive from address bar. Or you can see this autorun file with the
following commands:
1. Open command prompt

2. Type drive letter:
press Enter eg: F: (Which is your removable drive)
3. Type dir /a:s

You will see files info like this:
F:\ dir /a:s
Volume in drive F has no label.
Volume Serial Number is
Directory of F:\01/05/2010 02:32 PM games
01/05/2010 02:32 PM new folder .exe
01/27/2010 10:56 PM 73,216
2 File(s)
73,216 bytes

1 Dir(s) 31,581,028,352 bytes free

4. If you see the file autorun.inf
and any other file and directory that should not be in your Drive
You can delete it.
5. del /f /q "filename" eg: del /f /q "autorun.inf" (be careful: file can not be restored)
6. Reconnect device.


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