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October 30, 2011

Cool VBScript Prank

One day I was looking at vbs file which auto type in notepad, and then I got idea to modify it and making it little bit crazier.
I added some new functions and methods to the script, try it I’m sure you’ll like it.

What this script will do:
It’ll first start your browser then will type some urls then play with your browser’s TAB, at the end it’ll start Microsoft speech engine and gives audio message to your friend about the prank.

Download this file "Browser_Prank.vbs"
Copy this code below and paste to notepad then save as "Browser_Prank.vbs"

October 18, 2011

Unmask Password on Web Pages

When you enter password on web pages, it is always in plain text. It’s just hidden behind the asterisks ‘*’ or bullets ‘•’.
Sometimes peoples let web browser remember their passwords and username, but it may be dangerous if peoples share their computers with others because except Internet Explorer you can see stored password almost in any browser.
And here is a simple javascript, which allows you to see password behind asterisks or say it’ll unmask password.

October 10, 2011

Watch Free Live TV on Mobile Phone

If your mobile device support streaming feature so you can watch live TV on your mobile phone.
It is quite similar to playing online videos from websites like or,
all you have to do, visit these sites by your mobile device:

October 5, 2011

Beginning with Batch Files

SCG command prompt
This article is about the windows batch programming, inside this, my own views and knowledge about the batch programming. This is a wide topic, here I will just give you overview of this, for more and query or discussion you can contact me.

What actually batch files are:
batch files are scripts written in English and contains command that executed ‘line by line’ by command interpreter in Microsoft operating systems.