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February 1, 2012

Check Who is Copying your Website or Blog

All search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing love to index original contents only. Here’s what I mean by original contents is no copy paste.
Some bloggers or webmasters copy whole articles or post and paste to their own website but this is not a good idea, if someone really wants to their website on the top the person should create their own contents.
Because including all major search engines hate to index duplicate contents.

Do not CopySo if someone is stealing your website or blog article, contents so you can check for those websites by using search engines. But there are wonderful tools which makes it more easy and accurate like

How to detect copied contents using copyscape:
  • Go to
  • Copy url of the page (which you want to check) and paste to search box
  • Now search, if no match found so no one copied your contents. Else it’ll show the list of matched web pages.
  • You can see my blog result here
You can also place a free warning banner on your website to warn peoples.

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  1. great!! now you can now who is copying your blog. very useful for content writer they write with some much efforts and some one just come and copy their content. that is so bad. this is great ya.