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January 9, 2012

10 Awesome Google Tricks

Past few months ago you felt gravity on your laptop PC, which was Google gravity, then did some barrel roll and last month it was snow fall on your PC screen. I am talking about the "Google Easter eggs".
Here I am giving some ten awesome tricks to do with Google search.
These are not search feature of Google to enhance the search but it’s like doing something to getting out from the coding stress.
google let it snow

Do a barrel roll
Type this keyword and do some barrel roll. Just one roll not too much.

If you are confused about recursion, Google teach you the real one. This keyword will make Google to continue asking "did you mean recursion?"

this query will turn screen to right side a bit.

Let it snow (It’s for holidays only)
type this keyword "let it snow" in Google search box and there will be snow fall on pc screen, you can wipe it with your cursor, then click defrost (search) button and it’s all clear. But it’s not working now, wait for next holidays.

ascii art
type, search and see the Google logo in ascii art on top-left.

put some stars before search result.

glow some candles on search result page.

See Christmas decoration on result page.

the loneliest number =
you know who is it? That is 1 but I don’t think so.

the answer to life, the universe and everything =
If you are looking for this answer so it is 42, you don’t believe me try Google.

Few more cool things to do with Google found by others than Google:
Google gravity
Click on first result that is Mr. Doob project and feel gravity, you can also search in this gravity.

Google sphere
another project by Mr. Doob and I think well than Google gravity. Click on first result or click “I am feeling lucky”

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  1. These are so cool! They work amazingly

  2. yes everything is cool it does work.

  3. This is undoubtedly the best thing that I’ve come across today in the internet. It was a long time that I have been thinking on this topic but I couldn’t satiate my quench for knowledge through any post that I read. However, today that I came across your article, I seem to have learnt a lot and I have also gained enough knowledge on this topic. Thanks once again.