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December 27, 2011

View docx files on Nokia s40

Reading on mobile phone or tablet is so much comfortable than reading on laptops or on personal computer.
But all of you know that only high end devices support PDF or Microsoft word format.
If you have one so you can download adobe reader from its official website and can read almost all books by converting it to PDF (Portable Document Format).
But for rest of the devices that do not support pdf format it's quite difficult to read them, because all pdf readers other than adobe reader do not show the pdf file well.
Okay Nokia phones have in-built browser that able to extract information from html files.
So we can see rich text with images in HTML format on our Nokia phones. It works almost with all phone but we'll now only consider series 40 (s40) because series 60 (s60) support adobe reader.

Viewing .docx or. doc format on Nokia s40
you can read rich text with images follow this method.
  1. Open word document with Microsoft office word.
  2. Now click on save as.
  3. On save as dialog change save as type (i.e. format) to web page filtered.
  4. Save this file to your phone and open this in your phone, you'll be able to read the docx format.
Viewing WebPages on mobile phone
Same as reading word format file you can see web pages on your mobile device too.
  1. Open webpage with your web browser.
  2. Click on save as or press Ctrl+s
  3. Change format to html or web page complete, save it to your mobile device.
Converting pdf to docx format 
You can read pdf files too, all you need to do, convert pdf to word format you can search on internet for pdf to word converter.
But break full pdf file to 10-10 pages word files so it will load faster.

Comment your suggestions!


  1. Thanks! Nick. I will try it on my n2730c.

  2. how can i read pdf on nokia 206?

  3. You need to convert pdf files to .doc format to read it.