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December 16, 2011

Test Website Speed

For SEO and better performance of your blog or website you have to analysis your website performance.
There are many options available for this but I recommend you to try

gtmetrix facebook grade

"GTmetrix - Website Speed and Performance Optimization" this tool combine several webpage performance factors that is powered by Google, Yahoo, Firefox and many more.
For testing website speed you just have to type Address of your blog or website and click Go.
In the report you will see Load time, Total page size, and total number of request also with Page Speed Grade and YSlow Grade that helps you more to understand your website.

Page Speed: Page Speed powered by Google Page speed, will help you to analysis your webpage html and CSS code. Your website receive individual grade for every recommendation with type of recommendation (e.g. image, server, JS etc).
YSlow: yslow same as Page speed powered by yahoo, but with different recommendations so the results may differ with each other, every webmaster try to increase both grades of his website.
TimeLine: time line is most amazing that I believe, timeline tells you request response time, total size of the receiving response, so you can find out the special section of the requests that is taking too long time to response and making your website to be load slowly.
As I believe that external gadgets take too long time to respond so you should only use necessary gadgets. You can find them out here.
History: history shows time-performance graph of your website. So you can compare the results after making changes to your website.

Click here to test your website speed Know more about this
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