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September 25, 2011

Hack Passwords using Actual Spy Keylogger

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. This site is no way responsible for any misuse of the information or/and any damage to you and done by you.

I will treat you as you know using and purpose of keyloggers.
keyloggers can be useful for both purpose, obtaining password or keystrokes from your computer and victim machine. But I always prefer run keyloggers on my machine, for victim machine there are other options available.
so here we talk about Actual Spy keylogger, many of keyloggers are not free, same as, this one is not free also, the trial version of Actual Spy is not limited in its functionality, it’s limited in monitoring time as it monitor for 40 minute only, but you can overcome this problem by a simple trick.
Hacking keyloggers
  • Watch all keystrokes
  • Application monitoring
  • Web browser monitoring
  • Take screen shot
  • Prepare report and send it to email id

To overcome 40 minute trial version problem:
  • Download here install it (while installing disable your antivirus auto protect feature, and latter exclude it in antivirus exclusion list, then turn on auto protect)
  • Copy this code and save it with anyname.bat, assuming that you have installed this on C Drive, if not? then change path in code below.
  • Now create the shortcut of this anyname.bat file and save it anywhere, assign a shortcut key to this shortcut.
  • Now the things you have to do is whenever you want to launch it you have to press a key that you have defined (it will run in background without any notification), and when 40 minute is over you can again press the key it will run again silently.
If you want to run it every time on your computer you can find out patch of this or you can buy this.

You can try out other spyware or keyloggers on these sites:


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