Sep 30, 2011

Adding Custom Search Engine to Opera Mini

In Opera mini version 4, 5, 6 by default there are four search engines added, these are Google,, IMDb and Wikipedia.
But these are not enough, adding more search engine, enhanced the functionality and gives the great customization.

opera mini add search engine
Adding search engine to opera mini is so easy:
  • Go to site of which you want to add search engine. (for instance: add YouTube search engine)
  • Now go to search text box (where you type the keywords), now long click on the text box and hold.
  • You will see a context menu, where you will see the option “Add search engine” click that then edit name of search engine and click “add”.
  • Next time you don’t need to go to search your video you can directly search from your search engine bar.
If you are not getting option to add search engine, so it is not compatible with opera mini.


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